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If you'd prefer to make an appointment or tour outside business hours, call our admissions counselor.
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Questions You Should Ask

How Alzheimer's patients are cared for makes a difference in their quality of life. Always get the important answers before choosing a place for your loved one.

How is the quality of care?

  • Does the place meet your standards of cleanliness and attractiveness?
  • Are staff members respectful of residents’ privacy and dignity?
  • Do doctors visit residents on a regular basis?

What is life like as a resident?

  • Is the atmosphere warm and friendly?
  • Is the place designed for the needs of Alzheimer's patients?
  • Do residents have the freedom to move around the place?

Is the staff consistent and qualified?

  • What is their annual turnover?
  • What are the staff members’ qualifications?

See how we measure up.

Our residents have exceptional quality of life and medical care.

Learn about resident life. (803) 359-5181