Resident Life

Photo of Furnished Room

Rooms are single-residence and fully furnished.

Every room is private and equipped with the essentials for comfortable living.

Rooms include a twin bed, full bathroom with a shower, a TV, cable programming and a bench seat in a bay window.

"I will forever be grateful for the love and quality care my mother received."

Sue H. Rhodes
Photo of Patient and Belongings

Personal belongings make the space a resident's own.

Residents are encouraged to bring their own furniture and decorations.

Personalizing their rooms makes residents feel at home, and keeping their memories around them helps with personal recognition.

Photo of Nurses Station

Nurses' stations fit into the home-like atmosphere.

Nurses work out in the open, and their station is positioned between the rooms and the lounge so they can be available to assist in seconds.

Photo of Patient and Staff in Garden

Safety measures give residents freedom.

Residents can move around the halls and gardens protected by secured access, alert chimes, automatic locking doors and our dedicated staff.

Photo of Memory Box

Memory boxes display cherished items.

Each room has a memory box, a wall display families can decorate with residents' most precious memories.

Memory boxes help with residents' personal recognition and showcase their accomplishments and interests.

Photo of Patient Outside Room

Room details minimize confusion.

Each room has a porch light and a recessed door to minimize confusion and emulate home when residents return to their rooms.

Bathrooms also feature automated lights and toilets to enhance quality of life.

Photo of Patients In Front of Windows

An outdoor view in every room.

Each private room overlooks a calm outdoor scene, as do the many windows throughout the building.

Connection to the outdoors helps residents keep up with time of day and seasons, even when inside.

Photo of Patient Relaxing in Garden

Sit and relax in Mama Sue's Garden.

Lush and secure, the garden features fountains, looping walkways, soft music and secluded sitting areas for reflection and conversation.

Mama Sue’s Garden is dedicated in loving memory of Dora Sue Porth “Mama Sue” Spires, by her husband Wesley, and children.

Photo of Patients in Lounge

Visit in the country-style lounge.

Residents and their guests can spend time in the lounge overlooking the garden.

The space includes comfortable seating, rocking chairs and an aviary full of birds to bring a touch of the outdoors inside.

Photo of Patient and Staff Member

We only hire the most qualified staff.

Our state-of-the-art facility and support for our employees helps us attract top health care professionals.

All of our staff members are highly trained to work with Alzheimer's patients.

Photo of Patient and Doctor

Doctors make daily visits.

Our doctors visit every day, Monday through Friday, to check on residents and provide necessary care.

As part of the Lexington Medical Center Network of Care, our visiting doctors are among the most recognized and well-liked in the Midlands.

Come for a visit.

You are welcome to tour without an appointment during business hours.

If you'd prefer to make an appointment or tour outside business hours, call our admissions coordinator.

(803) 996-6287